"The other" in our community

Project aims:
 See migration as a common characteristic of our societies
 Raise awareness of how migration affects our society and ourselves
 Reflect and discuss reactions for migrations in society and in ourselves
 Promote openness and diversity consciousness

Content: rejection + fear + stereotypes +discrimination

During the past year there was a sharp rise in cases of discrimination and racism directed against refugees and migrant workers who arrival to Israel, Europe and Germany in particular.
Racist statements that were spread by public officials, accusing refugees to be presenting an existential threat to the state, encouraged exploitation of these population  by their employers, persecution by the immigration police, etc.,
In consequence, became refugees and migrant workers, a weakened and vulnerable target group on its exposure to racism.
The delegation idea is to try to understand the tragedy of the Refugees in a comparative perspective, to learn how other communities deal with the issue of racism, a phenomenon that marred the daily European and Israeli both societies.